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Easy Read version of our Case for Change

What the New Hospitals Programme is doing

Graphic of a map of the Lancashire and South Cumbria region

NHS organisations, councils and community groups in Lancashire and South Cumbria are working together to make hospitals and services the best they can be. This work is called the New Hospitals Programme.

Graphic of two people creating an action plan

We have the same goal – to build on what we are already great at and provide the very best healthcare services for local people.

Graphic of a hospital building labeled new for the year 2030

The Government is granting us money to spend on making our hospital facilities better by 2030.

This is a chance to do something amazing. We want to replace these buildings with new facilities that will provide the services you need now and in the future.

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How you can get involved

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Find out more on our Information hub

We have lots more details on the project in our Information hub. Read frequently asked questions, the latest news about the programme and stories from people in the region.

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