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The process

How we’re ensuring the Lancashire and South Cumbria New Hospital Programme benefits everyone

We’re following a clear process which gives everyone the opportunity to have their say and help shape the future of hospital care in the region.

Step 1. Make the case for change

We will explore and clearly communicate why changes to our hospitals are needed.

Step 2. Develop a longlist of options for the new hospital facilities

This will include looking at why, how and where changes might take place.

Step 3. Create a shortlist of options for the new hospital facilities

We will narrow the options down to those which are viable and submit these to the NHS for approval.

Step 4. Public consultation

This is your opportunity to get involved in the process through Covid-secure public events and digital questionnaires. Every opinion is welcome, and we will gather your feedback and use it to shape our final proposals.

Step 5. Submit the final proposals for new hospital facilities

These will contain all the information we’ve gathered, including your concerns and ideas raised during the public consultation.

Step 6. Help us create the new facilities

Through workshops and focus groups, you will help us define the look, feel, design and facilities within the new hospitals.

Step 7. Build our new hospitals

The aim is to open new hospital facilities by 2030.

How you can get involved

To be part of the conversation and to keep up to date on all the latest news and updates, start by registering for our email newsletter today.

Find out more on our Information hub

We have lots more details on the project in our Information hub. Read frequently asked questions, the latest news about the programme and stories from people in the region.

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