The process

How we’re ensuring the Lancashire and South Cumbria New Hospital Programme benefits everyone

We’re following a clear process which gives everyone the opportunity to have their say and help shape the future of hospital care in the region.

1. Understand why changes to our hospitals are needed

Our Case for Change has been developed in collaboration with experts: our clinicians, staff, patients, key stakeholders and representatives of local communities we serve.

Read our Case for Change report and find out how you can get involved.

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2. Develop longlist of proposals for new hospital facilities, including why, how and where changes might take place

We heard from patients, local people, NHS staff and community groups at events, focus groups and workshops, and through surveys, online discussions and market research.

Read more about the longlist of proposals.

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3. Create a shortlist of proposals for new hospital facilities, narrowing the proposals down to those which are workable, and submitting to NHS England

The public, patients, clinicians and other health experts continue to provide input and feedback to help this process.

Read more about our shortlist of proposals.

Read about our recommendations for new hospitals in new locations for Royal Preston Hospital and Royal Lancaster Infirmary and alternative options.

Read our latest update on the government announcement of national funding, paving the way for new hospital facilities in Lancashire and South Cumbria.

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4. Public consultation, if required

Public engagement will take place at every stage of the process - if consultation is also required, it would be made up of Covid-secure public events and digital questionnaires, conversations with community groups and local people.

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5. Submit proposals for new hospital facilities

The agreed way forward will consider all information gathered, including concerns and ideas shared.

Illustration shows a person presenting a proposal with an NHS hospital next to them.

6. Help us create the new facilities

The public will help shape the look, feel, design and facilities within the new buildings through workshops and focus groups.

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7. Open new hospital facilities

Helping local people live longer, healthier lives.

Illustration shows a new NHS hospital building.

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