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Our ambition: helping local people live longer, healthier lives

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We want to work with our partners to make the best use of our staff, buildings and equipment.

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Sometimes people have to travel a long way to get special types of care and treatment. We want to provide more services closer to where you live.

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We will also look at the experience that patients, families and carers have when they visit our hospitals. We want to offer more private rooms and give our staff the space they need to provide the best care for you.

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We want to create jobs for people in Lancashire and South Cumbria and make it a great place to live and work.

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We want to provide the best care for local people, as we all recover from the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

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We do not yet know what our new hospital facilities will look like or where they will be. We will use feedback from staff and local people and look at what works well in other places to decide what would be best.

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We know it could take up to the year 2030 to plan and build these new hospital facilities.

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We have lots more details on the project in our Information hub. Read frequently asked questions, the latest news about the programme and stories from people in the region.

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