What happens next?

The comments and feedback we have received from a wide range of people have been helpful in identifying hopes, fears, and desires for new hospital facilities in Lancashire and South Cumbria. What we have heard during an intensive listening period has influenced the development of a longlist of viable solutions to our Case for Change and helped us to narrow this down to a shortlist.

Following detailed analysis of each shortlisted option’s feasibility, the programme will follow a clear process over the coming months, with scrutiny and approvals needed from decision makers within the NHS, the Government and local authorities, and ongoing patient and public involvement, before the preferred option is agreed.

There are now five key next steps for the programme

  1. Detailed feasibility analysis of each shortlisted option, including site footprint, land availability, planning considerations and financial affordability
  2. Development of a Pre-Consultation Business Case (PCBC) to outline recommended option(s) - subject to confirmation on the requirement to consult
  3. Scrutiny and approvals from decision makers within the NHS, the Government, and local authorities
  4. Agreement of a preferred way forward
  5. Building of new hospital facilities completed by 2030.

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