Case for Change (published July 2021)

Section 2: Introduction

The New Hospitals Programme is a key strategic priority for the Lancashire and South Cumbria Health and Care Partnership. It sits within the integrated care system’s wider strategic vision, with the central aim of delivering world-class hospital infrastructure from which high-quality services can be provided.

In September 2019, the Government published its Health Infrastructure Plan (HIP) (opens in new window). At the centre of this is a new hospital building programme, to ensure the NHS hospital estate enables the provision of world-class healthcare services. Further details of the strategic context are set out in the Appendix.

The purpose of this document is to outline our Case for Change. It has been developed in collaboration with experts: our clinicians, staff, patients, key stakeholders and representatives of the local communities we serve.

To develop the Case for Change, we have:

  • Held dedicated Case for Change workshops with more than 100 people, including clinicians, staff, patients and key stakeholders.
  • Undertaken a series of workshops involving patients, clinicians, staff and key stakeholders from across key programme areas to understand how our hospital infrastructure impacts on the care they provide.
  • Held listening meetings with elected representatives, community leaders and interested parties.
  • Engaged in desktop research, data analysis and examination of the problems we face, and how modern infrastructure can support us to address these challenges.
  • Held an online conversation, the Big Chat, with staff, Foundation Trust Members and community leaders about their hopes, fears and expectations. We have recorded and analysed more than 20,141 interactions from the 7,340 visits as of 1 July 2021.

We have listened carefully and reflected on the evidence to help us produce this document, which sets out the problems we hope to address and the ambitions we have for the future.

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