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Dr Geoff Jolliffe on the impact of new hospital facilities on local GPs

Dr Geoff Jolliffe is a GP in Barrow-in-Furness and the Chair of the Morecambe Bay CCG. He also sits on the Clinical Oversight Group for the New Hospitals Programme. Geoff explains to us why the New Hospitals Programme isn’t just about hospital buildings, but how it impacts GPs and local communities too.

What is the New Hospitals Programme and what does it mean for GPs?

It’s a great opportunity to redevelop our hospitals. We can’t miss it! It may not seem relevant to primary care and GP surgeries to start with, but new hospital facilities will have a huge knock-on effect for our patients. This programme will mean more care closer to the patient’s home and more care in the community, so that we can focus on doing in hospitals only what we need to do.

Why is the New Hospitals Programme important?

Replacing our estate is a necessity, but it will also mean a better environment for patients, for staff and ultimately, better outcomes for everyone.

Watch this video to find out more about what Geoff had to say about this opportunity.

Hi, I’m Geoff Jolliffe. I’m a GP here in Barrow-in-Furness, part of the Lancashire and South Cumbria. And I’m also the Chair of the CCG in Morecambe Bay.

I sit on the clinical oversight group for the New Hospitals Programme.

What is it, the New Hospitals Programme? It’s a great opportunity, isn’t it? It’s big lump of money to redevelop our hospitals. 

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we can’t miss it. It’s going to be great for the population.

The New Hospitals Programme might seem to not mean much to primary care but it’s actually vital isn’t it. Because we care for our patients and our patients need good hospital care as part of the whole pathway.

So, there will be a huge knock-on benefit to our patients and therefore to the way primary care works. 

An eye to the future, with more care closer to the patient’s homes, more care in community services. And we need to focus on doing in hospital only what we need to do.

In addition, they provide an environment that is better for staff, better for patients and an environment where patients flow better so you end up with better outcomes. 

But assuming we get the money, and I’m hopeful of that, we can then start the process of identifying which is the best solution to spending that money.

There’s a big process so it can’t happen overnight, but we’ll get there, and we’ll have them.      

Read more about the shortlist of proposals for new hospital facilities in our region.

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